Art & insanity. Joan Obiols Vié

Del 6 de febrer al 26 d'abril del 2020

Joan Obiols Vié was a humanist of many facets, with a brilliant career in psychiatry. A pioneer in the technique of psychodrama, he promoted the field of psychopathology of expression. In order to portray Dr Obiols’ complex personality, the exhibition is divided into two parts: one about his interest in art and culture, and the other about his experiences in the world of psychiatry.

On the one hand, we learn about his connections and active role in the most avant-garde trends in art, philosophy, theatre, cinema and photography of the time, as well as aspects of his multifaceted personality, such as his collection of works by Joan Ponç, Antoni Tàpies, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Perejaume and others.

The other half of the exhibition portrays his work in psychopathology of expression and the innovative vision of art brut (“raw art”). The display of drawings by psychiatric patients creates a dialogue and is complemented by shocking photos of patients taken by Dr Obiols, who was also very keen on photography.

The exhibition about Dr Obiols is shown in conjunction with the works of the Mental Health section of the Andorran Health Service (SAAS). The SAAS has always believed in the sideline benefits of developing artistic expression and many works have been produced over the years, of varying standards but of recognised value. Art can be enjoyed and created by everyone and can help to overcome discrimination against mental illness.

Art & insanity. Joan Obiols Vié