Dialogue between music and art at Peralada

From July 1rst to September 26th

A theatre of emotions and a space where arts converge. Since its birth, 35 years ago, the Castell de Peralada Festival has emerged as a cultural event with ambitions that go beyond the standard programme of concerts and performances, to become the instigator of new types of performance, where disciplines of all kinds of could find a meeting place for dialogue and mutual enrichment.

The most iconic example of this spirit – pioneered by Peralada and today ubiquitous in cultural spaces – can be clearly seen in the Festival’s posters. A graphic embodiment not only of the image of each year’s Festival, but also of that complicity that Peralada has always sought to bring about with creators of all kinds, many of whom have returned to this theatre to create other works.

For the most part fruit of direct commissions to plastic and visual artists prominent within Spain and internationally, those posters form a unique, exceptional collection –rightful heir to Catalonia’s great poster tradition.

This exhibition, which brings them together for the first time, takes us on a walk through the history of the festival in 30 posters All leading up to this year’s image, that greets us with this ray of hope, the light that opens in front of us after the darkness of the pandemic. Enter and see.

Dialogue between music and art at Peralada