Herois i Superherois

From 7th February to 16th June 2019

Heroes and Superheroes

Comics, with their heroes and myths, are overwhelmingly invading other media, like the press and the cinema.

There are currently few printed media which do not feature comic book characters on their pages, either through daily strips or Sunday supplements. But it is in the cinema where these effects are most spectacular. Characters like Captain America, Batman, Spiderman and the Avengers, with millions invested and star actors, are inundating cinema screens around the world.

“Heroes and superheroes” aims to present this mythology through an exhibition that is not just very topical, but also a contemporary art show of high intrinsic value. This exhibition offers the opportunity to see material about very popular imaginary characters, including their development over time and through countless countries and languages. Through posters, Sundays (Sunday papers), stills (frames), lobby cards (billboard images), pressbooks (promotional material) and comics, we can discover how the two worlds of cinephiles and comics fans come together.

Herois i Superherois