Temporary exhibitions

The Tobacco Museum Old Reig Factory has a space destined to the showing of temporary exhibitions.

Temporary exhibition in progress
  • Hyperrealism

    From June 21st to September 30th 2018

    Hyperrealism is an art form that is of significant importance in our contemporary society today and one that continues to… View more »

  • Art a Portugal. 1850-1960 / Portugal e a Grande Guerra

    From March 8th to May 25th 2018

    ART IN PORTUGAL. 1950-1960 Embracing a period of more than a hundred years, the set of 42 works of art… View more »

  • Images to touch

    From 9th November 2017 to 28th January 2018

    IMAGES TO TOUCH The project arose from the desire to transcend the classic image and to be able to aim… View more »

  • Gaston-Louis ROUX and avant-gardism

    From June 8th to October 29th

    Gaston-Louis Roux (Provins, 1904 – Paris, 1988) From 1927 to 1956, for almost 30 years, Roux was part of the Kahnweiler… View more »

  • Moda. Fotografies Ricard Lobo

    From 20th July to 24th September 2017

    The aim of “MODA” is to show the different states of the process of preparing and exhibiting the creativity of… View more »

  • Vides inacabades

    Del 5 d’abril al 26 de maig del 2017

    De vegades necessitem una mica d’ajuda. Al carrer trobem moltes persones que la necessiten. Persones amb identitat pròpia, amb historia,… View more »

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